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The Great Reflection

by Architects Of A Broken Design

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released November 18, 2010

Written: William J. Sullivan(ASCAP) and Jon Costello (ASCAP)
Instruments: William J. Sullivan
Vocals: Jon Costello
Published: Wreckin’ Joint Productions (ASCAP)
Tracked and mixed at Wreckin’ Joint NYC by William J. Sullivan
Mastered by Stan Katz


all rights reserved



Architects Of A Broken Design Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Marred by Violence
As the veins slowly show the
The fucking struggle try to stay alive
Just give it some time remind
In the end the choice will face us all
The lying details entrails
Hiding behind the glass of memories
There’s nothing only gracious
Blame is overtaken drop away

We all have a side
That we try to hide
As the days go by
You destroy my pride
To live the life again
You call yourself my friend
You can lick my sack
Cool it down relax

Marred can’t you wait
For the light
Shine so brightly I’m coming

It’s not too late
So hurry follow me

Bound by the lines that wound
I always win even if I lose
It’s my fucking choice to choose
You leave when you pass through
Why cut loose of you
Doing what we have to
Flesh pounded black and blue
Why not let me do what I do

We all have a side
That we try to hid
As the days go by
You destroy my pride
To live the life again
You call yourself my friend
You can lick my sack
Cool it down relax
Track Name: Artist with a Knife
Lets roll on this
Backside around
Turn up to drown
Shelf space clear it
Don’t I listen to what you tell me
Prayer list gathered up
Look this way but I’m stuck
Positive vague notion of arbitration

Feel it
Burn it down
Precise immaculate rage

I know too much
Racing to be split
Allocated on it
Perish cherish
I’ll wait on it
Blame all cut ‘em down
Through and bound ground and pound
Negative trip set devotion more and more common

It’s real
I’m coming back from my hole
I’m coming back from my upset
Track Name: The Great Reflection
Skin white blue yes
She likes her body
But not about to laugh at other peoples expense
Things are fairly mellow
We like where we’re at
Countdown begins to build up

All hail this moment
Of breaking patience
Behind the glass eye
The great reflection
Shines back at you

I promise envy
Amongst my feelings
It doesn’t suit me
But I’m right with it

No instructions create adventures
Remain and stay very in touch
I think we owe you one
Not to be random
But fuck this contest to look cool

Now resist
Now this will
Now be bliss
Now from now

You should feel like the luckiest girl
In the world don’t fall off your dreams
Think about who you want to meet
Close your eyes and take them off this screen
Track Name: Able to Recognize
Everything else will take care of itself
We protect ourselves grace is withheld
Break into my house I’ll put your head on a shelf
Bash you inside to live out a lie
It’s funny how you lied to me now
You think I’m endowed just put on that shroud
Death is allowed but you still have doubt

I can’t wait for the look upon your face
I won’t be able to recognize what I’ve done
I’m not the one you should be worried about
I will excel in my own infantry

Wrong you fucking bastard
Strong my will is almost gone
Go bare witness to us all
Watch the reflection shine on you
Let the words seep through
Drive I am not the one who left
All the nights I’ve slept
Pound that shit right back in
That makes me dead right here

Don’t try and stop me
Never accomplish anything
Don’t wage a war on me
That’s absurd crave decency

Roasted from this why the obvious
This is bullshit I’m sick of it
A plague ship the taste of spit
I rip bliss in a pool of piss
Track Name: Misery and Guilt
Fuck it move on the rest of them are gone
I drove you all away It’s our way or no way
Now I laugh to myself I take the hand that I’m dealt
For all the pain I’ve felt of misery and guilt

It’s in you It’s in us
It’s in everyone
You just have to find it

You don’t like it but you need it
Crumbled to a knee to grieve it
You feel pain I can’t believe it
You’re so hard to fucking be with
I’m in sane without warning
Shame him now he’s not moving
Do something time is running
Here he is death is coming

You give me no choice but to be merciless
Stripped I’ve only mastered your dirty tricks
You live your life for and only to a script
Stalking women along gritty strips
Carpet fibers ropes and plastic strips
I sacrifice my body for a greater lift
Additional casualties with a crushing defeat
Don’t be scare this is a release

You suffered
More than ever before
Track Name: …the Reason
Pounded on the brain dividend
Now it’s coming alive
To keep it in your mind
Don’t mess with my design
I’m burning
Pounded on the brain dividend
That I’ve felt inside
We’ve severed all of the ties
Never bought into your lies
Never thought
Pounded on the brain dividend

You wont stand a chance
Deliver us from me
Track Name: Words
To itself
With nobody’s help
Imagine a hell that is myself
A fucking enormous welt
Causing liquid to melt
With rocks I pelt
Squeeze tight like a belt
It’s overturned
Brake for the unlearned
I’ll make fire come and watch it burn

Words have meaning
Deadly meaning
All my life I have said
To the world I am dead

What makes you think that I still give a fuck
Track Name: Disbelieve
Poly science longing for a bitter end
Shame quencher thirst I am
Cradle the patient immensely back and forth
Done dead tainted astringent
Detrimental plague on the run
Distance abandoned all of us
Tell no one what you’ve heard


Share with us all of it
A transit gray
Life’s ambition terrible
Get on with it
Unveil the markings across the skin
Lacerate the need for a longing retreat
Bring it in destiny
The forcing cavalry such a waste
Drop down willingly
What a rush

You can’t look away to believe all of it
You can’t look away and change the blink of an eye
Rushed down forced unwilling such a waste to me
Track Name: Loaded Progression

I was there, crippled like before
Dragged down, holding to the floor
Broken apart, asking for more
Shattered Glass, paralyzing lure
When can we start, make me slip away
Lost in myself, looking to fall
Progressing backwards, done and dissolved

Question this
All of these characters
Itemize their basic functions
Terrible slash of their movements
Cancer fueled sickness uprising
American label grip
Clamp down amongst us all
Patrons insufficient
Back ally scaly wag
Make it end all bad

Fear infliction
The progression owed
Chance intellect
The mere factors told
The plan obstructed
My fate remains
Dive into it
Always the same

(Fear this, Take this, You are, You Bleed)

I was there, an effigy born
Beaten down, holding on for more
Broken apart, cut open and torn
Shattered, not in the mirror anymore
When will it stop?
Let me slip away
No longer lost, I can finally fall
Progressing backwards, done and dissolved

Bring my death
I am satisfied
My demise a righteous film
Downturn demand dictation
Melted words
Distractions dissolved
Victory plagues us all
The aggressive remain in silence
Charge obstruction
Prepare the challenges
For every comment said

Fear infliction
The progression owed
Chance intellect
The mere factors told
The plan obstructed
My fate remains
Dive into it
Always the same

Fear this, Take this, You are, You Bleed

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